Milazzo, 9-10 giugno 2023
Festival del Cinema Italiano

An unpublished portrait of Mia Martini, a painting enriched by unpublished photographs, notes, drafts of texts and chords that reach the public for the first time, collected directly from Mimì's own personal archive. It is also the memory of a musical and recording world that no longer exists, full of ferment, possibilities, sincere encounters and genuine mixtures.


Mimì, tutti ne parlano, io l'ho conosciuta.

Presented on March 26, 2023 as a special event of the Bif&st (Bari International Film&Tv Festival), the film "Mimì, tutti ne parlano, io l'ho conosciuta", by Gianfrancesco Lazotti. The film, produced by Associazione Culturale La Fenice and supported by the Calabria Film Commission, was premiered at the Teatro Piccinni in Bari.

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